2012 Dodge Ram Key Fob Stuck in Ignition – A complete Guide

2012 Dodge Ram Key Fob Stuck in Ignition – A complete Guide

The driver’s nightmare of a 2012 Dodge Ram key fob stuck in the ignition is a common problem but a frustrating one.

However, it can be resolved with proper identification of the issue and applying the related solution.

In this article, I’ll explain those exact reasons and their solutions in detail to help you get back on the road safely.

So let’s get started!


Reasons for 2012 Dodge Ram Key Fob Stuck In Ignition

The first thing we have to do is to identify the reasons for the 2012 Dodge Ram key fob being stuck in the ignition.

2012 Dodge Ram Key Fob Stuck In Ignition - Infographic

There can be multiple reasons and the most common ones are listed in the table below.

Possible Causes of Key Fob Stuck in Ignition Description
1. Dead Key Fob Battery A dead or low battery in the key fob can prevent it from disengaging the locking mechanism that keeps it in the ignition.
2. Ignition Cylinder Issues Worn-out pins and springs in the ignition cylinder can cause the key to become stuck and prevent it from turning or releasing properly.
3. Worn Out Key An old or worn-out key may not properly engage the ignition tumblers, which can cause it to become stuck in the ignition.
4. Dirt or Debris in Ignition Dirt, dust, or debris can accumulate in the ignition cylinder over time, causing it to become clogged or jammed and preventing the key fob from being removed.
5. Damaged Key Fob or Ignition A damaged key fob or ignition may not be able to properly engage or disengage the locking mechanism, causing the key fob to become stuck and require repairs or replacement.

Possible Solutions for Key Fob Stuck in Ignition

After identifying the reasons, we have moved towards suitable solutions.

In the following table, I have explained the most common and easy solutions for the issue key fob being stuck in the ignition.

I have learned these tips and techniques through my years of experience in the field.

Possible Solutions for Key Fob Stuck in Ignition Description
1. Replace the Key Fob Battery If the key fob battery is dead or low, replace it with a fresh battery to allow the key fob to disengage the locking mechanism and be removed from the ignition.
2. Inspect and Repair the Ignition Cylinder Have a professional mechanic or locksmith inspect and repair the ignition cylinder, which may include replacing pins and springs, cleaning the cylinder, or lubricating the tumblers.
3. Replace the Key Consider replacing a worn or damaged key with a new one that properly engages the ignition tumblers.
4. Remove dirt and debris Use a soft-bristled brush to gently clean the ignition cylinder and remove any accumulated dirt or debris that may be causing it to jam.
5. Fix the Faulty Locking Mechanism Repair or replace a faulty or malfunctioning locking mechanism to allow the key fob to be removed from the ignition or asked help from a mechanic if you don’t feel confident.

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Easy Troubleshooting Tips 

Apart from extensive and thorough solutions, I have explained some easy troubleshooting tips as well. Read them to learn more about the methods to unstuck the key fob from the ignition.

Technique Description
1. Wiggle the Steering Wheel
  • Wiggle the steering wheel while gently pulling on the key with pliers or needle-nose clamps.
  • This should be done in short bursts of movement back and forth.
2. Manual Removal
  • If the first technique doesn’t work, try manual removal using a screwdriver or Allen key.
  • This requires two people, one to apply pressure to the shifter mechanism and the other to press down on the release button inside the car’s hood latch.
  • It’s important to wear safety goggles when attempting this method.
3. Professional Assistance
  • If neither technique works, there may be a problem with the car’s engine such as a faulty starter motor.
  • In this case, it is recommended to seek professional assistance from an experienced mechanic.

Cleaning The Ignition Cylinder

Cleaning the ignition cylinder of a dodge ram key fob is no small feat.

However, with the right tools and know-how, this seemingly impossible task can be accomplished in just a few steps!

Steps Materials
1. Gather your materials Needle nose pliers, lubricant, the replacement switch
2. Remove any debris Use pliers to remove any rusty debris from around the key slot
3. Apply lubricant Apply graphite powder or silicone spray into the key slot until it’s saturated
4. Inspect the switch Check the faulty switch inside the cylinder for damage
5. Replace the switch If the switch is damaged, replace it with one that matches your vehicle’s specifications
6. Remove the key fob With all steps complete, safely remove the key fob from its stuck position

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Preventive Measures for 2012 Key Fob Being Stuck in the Ignition

Here are some preventive measures to avoid getting the key fob stuck in the ignition of a 2012 Dodge Ram:

1. Regularly replace the key fob battery: To avoid a dead or low battery from causing the key fob to get stuck, replace the battery regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Keep the key and ignition cylinder clean: Dirt and debris can accumulate in the ignition cylinder over time, so clean the key and cylinder regularly to prevent clogging or jamming.

3. Use a spare key fob: Have a spare key fob available in case the primary key fob becomes damaged or stops working properly.

4. Be gentle when using the key fob: Use the key fob gently and avoid forcing it into or out of the ignition, as this can cause damage to the fob or ignition cylinder.

5. Have the ignition cylinder inspected and maintained: Have a professional mechanic or locksmith inspect the ignition cylinder regularly and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs to prevent wear and tear on the cylinder pins and springs.

6. Avoid using a damaged key fob or ignition: Do not use a damaged key fob or ignition, as this can cause the locking mechanism to malfunction and result in the key fob getting stuck in the ignition.


It’s never fun when your key fob gets stuck in the ignition, but hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into how to get it out.

By understanding the signs of a stuck key fob and troubleshooting potential causes, you can locate and resolve any issues quickly.

No matter what type of car you have or where you are on your journey, having an expert at hand is always helpful.

I’ve been helping drivers for years with their ignition problems – from stuck keys to broken cylinders.

If ever you find yourself with a problem that needs solving, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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