2012 Kia Soul Key Stuck In Ignition

2012 Kia Soul Key Stuck In Ignition

Hi everyone, I’m your Car Ignition Expert and today we’re talking about 2012 Kia Soul keys getting stuck in the ignition. This isn’t a huge issue but it can be very frustrating when you’re trying to get on the road. Having worked with cars for years, this is something that I’ve seen plenty of times before so let’s dive into what might be causing the problem and how to fix it!

First off, if you find yourself dealing with a key stuck in the ignition then don’t panic – there are some easy steps you can take to sort out this common trouble spot.

In most cases, simply wiggling or jostling the key should do the trick. If not, then you may need to look more closely at what could be preventing the key from turning freely.

We’ll cover all of that plus more in this article so keep reading for everything you need to know about 2012 Kia Soul keys getting stuck in your ignition!

Signs Of A Stuck Key


Having spent years as a Car Ignition Expert, I can tell you that stuck keys in the ignition are distressingly common. In fact, research suggests that there is an average of 7 million ignition key-stuck incidents a year.

When your key has become lodged in the ignition, it’s important to be able to identify the signs quickly. One of those indicators is if wiggling or moving the ignition does not help release the key – when this happens, further action may be required.

Another sign could be movement from the steering wheel while trying to remove the key – this indicates something else might have gone wrong and should also be addressed by an expert.

If none of these tactics work for releasing your car’s stuck key, then you should seek assistance from a professional who specializes in sorting out jammed ignitions before bigger issues arise.

Causes Of A Jammed Ignition

Hey everyone, I’m an experienced car ignition expert and I’m here to discuss the causes of a jammed ignition, namely faulty wiring and a broken key.

Wiring issues can be tough to diagnose, as they often happen gradually and without any warning.

A broken key, on the other hand, is usually quite noticeable and can be a real hassle to replace.

Both of these issues can be easily be resolved with some patience and the right tools.

Faulty Wiring

I’ve been a car ignition expert for years, and one of the most common causes I see for a jammed ignition is faulty wiring.

This can be due to either physical damage or faulty connections between components that are preventing proper operation.

Physical damage can occur from wear-and-tear over time, or even from an accident affecting the steering column.

Faulty connections can happen when wires corrode, or connectors become loose and aren’t making good contact with each other.

In these cases, it’s important to inspect all related parts in order to identify and fix any underlying issues before attempting to unjam your ignition.

Hopefully this info has helped you understand more about why your Kia Soul key might be stuck in the ignition.

Broken Key

Another common issue I run into is a broken key.

It’s not uncommon for the teeth of your car keys to wear down over time, or even break off if you force them too much.

If this happens, it can be difficult to get the key out since it won’t turn in the ignition switch.

In some cases, you may need to replace the entire key and cylinder assembly as well as re-key the vehicle in order for it to work properly again.

Finally, if all else fails, sometimes using a pair of needle nose pliers can help grab onto the metal part of the key that’s inside the ignition switch so you can pull it out manually.

Steps To Remove A Stuck Key

If you find yourself with a key stuck in the ignition of your Kia Soul, don’t panic. I’ve been an expert car ignition technician for many years and have seen my fair share of stuck keys.

The first step to removing a stuck key is to lubricate the keyhole and try inserting it again. This often helps by loosening any build-up inside the hole that may be preventing the key from turning.

If this doesn’t work, then you’ll need to resort to key extraction techniques. You can use needle nose pliers or tweezers as extracting tools if available, but you should avoid using screwdrivers or other objects that could further damage the lock cylinder.

With patience and care, even stubborn keys will eventually come out after some wiggling and twisting. Don’t give up; eventually you’ll be able to get back on the road again!

Preventing Keys From Getting Stuck

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your car in top shape and avoiding issues like a stuck key in the ignition.

Lubrication is also an important part of keeping your car running smoothly and making sure your keys don’t get stuck.

I recommend that you get your car checked regularly and lubricate the ignition switch to prevent your key from getting stuck.

Trust me, with regular maintenance and lubrication, you won’t have to worry about your key getting stuck.

Regular Maintenance

As someone with many years of experience in car ignition repairs, I can tell you that the best way to prevent your key from getting stuck is through regular maintenance and preventative care.

First off, make sure to get oil changes on a regular basis so that your engine runs smoothly without any hiccups or other issues which could cause problems down the line.

Secondly, it’s important to be mindful of how you’re driving as well – if you suddenly accelerate too quickly or take sharp turns this can put unnecessary strain on the ignition system and potentially lead to keys becoming stuck.

Finally, check all of your vehicle’s components regularly for signs of wear and tear such as frayed wires or rusting parts; these are an indication that something needs to be fixed ASAP before the problem gets worse.

Taking good care of your car goes a long way towards ensuring that you don’t have any nasty surprises with your key!


Lubrication is also essential when it comes to preventing keys from getting stuck.

Over time, rust buildup and general wear and tear can cause components in the ignition system to become dry or stick together, leading to a key that won’t turn properly.

Ensuring that all of your vehicle’s parts are well-lubed will help them move freely so they don’t get jammed up by debris or other materials.

Additionally, if you live in a wet environment like near the ocean or in an area with high humidity levels, taking extra steps such as applying waterproofing agents may be necessary to protect against any potential water damage.

All in all, being proactive about lubricating your car’s ignition system is one of the best ways to avoid having a pesky stuck key on your hands!

When To Call A Professional

It’s every car owner’s worst nightmare: you go to start your vehicle and the key gets stuck in the ignition. You jiggle it, turn it back and forth, but nothing works – you’re stuck! It can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know how to troubleshoot these issues yourself.

As an experienced car ignition expert with years of practice under my belt I know just how much hassle this problem can cause drivers. While some may think calling a professional is their only option when they find themselves in this situation, there are actually several simple solutions that could help them out before making that call.

To begin troubleshooting, one should first look at the pins located inside the ignition switch itself as oftentimes keys become lodged due to dirt or rust build up on those components. Cleaning off any debris from the pin area should do the trick.

If not, then check for faulty wiring by inspecting all electrical connections related to the switch. Another possible issue might come from worn tumblers within the lock cylinder which can also make it difficult to remove a key from an ignition switch. To remedy this particular problem, replace the entire lock assembly entirely.

No matter what kind of ignition switch issues you face as a driver, always remember there are solutions available without having to immediately call for assistance – though sometimes professional help is still necessary depending on your particular case. At least now you have some basic tips and tricks to try before doing so!


It’s a frustrating problem when you’re trying to start your car, and the key is stuck in the ignition.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take and preventative measures that you can use to help ensure this doesn’t happen again.

With just a little bit of patience, knowledge of what causes keys to get stuck and the right tools, you should be able to remove the key from your vehicle’s ignition with ease.

And if all else fails, don’t hesitate reach out for professional help—it could be a lifesaver!

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