Is Honda Bringing Back the Element

Is Honda Bringing Back the Element

Is Honda Bringing Back the Element? Well, Honda fans, the rumors are true! The Element is making a comeback! This quirky, boxy SUV was first introduced in 2003 and quickly gained a cult following. It was discontinued in 2011, much to the dismay of its devoted fans. But now, Honda has announced that the Element will be making a return for the 2019 model year!



Honda’s Element was last produced in 2011, and since then, loyal fans of the boxy SUV have been clamoring for its return. It looks like their prayers may soon be answered, as Honda has filed a trademark for the Element name with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The filing, which was discovered by, was filed on October 5th of this year and is currently under review by the USPTO. While there’s no guarantee that the Element will make a comeback, the fact that Honda is trademarking the name again suggests that it’s at least considering bringing the model back.

The Element was originally introduced for the 2003 model year and was produced until 2011. It was based on Honda’s compact CR-V platform and featured a unique boxy design with plastic cladding on the lower body panels. It was designed to be highly versatile and customizable, with features like removable rear seats and an interior that could be hosed out for easy cleaning.

Despite its cult following, the Element didn’t sell very well during its eight-year production run. Honda only sold around 200,000 units in total, making it one of the company’s least successful models. Even so, its unique design and functionality made it a favorite among those who did own one.

Now that SUVs are more popular than ever, there’s a good chance that Honda could find more success if it does decide to bring back the Element. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but in the meantime, fans of the quirky SUV can dare to hope for its return.

The Element’s Return

According to recent reports, Honda is planning to bring back the Element SUV. The vehicle was first introduced in 2003 and was discontinued in 2011. However, due to increased demand from customers, Honda is reportedly planning to reintroduce the model in the near future.

While no official announcement has been made, the reports suggest that the new Element will be based on the Honda CR-V platform. It is also expected to feature a boxy design similar to the original model. Unfortunately, it remains unclear when Honda plans to launch the new Element.

Honda’s New Direction

After a 10-year production run, Honda discontinued the Element in 2011. The SUV was based on the CR-V platform and used a front-engine, front-wheel drive layout. It was unique at the time for its boxy exterior and innovative interior with removable, reclining rear seats.

In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the Element, with many consumers asking Honda to bring it back. The company has not given any indication that it plans to do so, but it is clear that there is still a market for this type of vehicle.

Honda’s new direction seems to be focused on electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as SUVs that offer more traditional styling. the element was ahead of its time in many ways, but it remains to be seen if there is a place for it in Honda’s current lineup.

The Element’s Popularity

The Element was a popular model for Honda, especially among young drivers. It was stylish but versatile, and it had a lot of amenities that made it a great choice for city driving. Unfortunately, Honda discontinued the model in 2011, much to the disappointment of its many fans.

is honda bringing back the element

There has been talking of Honda bringing the Element back, and there is certainly demand for it. However, it’s not clear if or when this will happen. In the meantime, drivers who want a similar vehicle can check out the Honda HR-V, which offers many of the same features as the Element.

The Honda Element’s Legacy

Honda’s Element was one of the most unique and beloved SUVs of its time. First introduced in 2003, the Element was designed with functionality and versatility in mind. It quickly gained a cult following thanks to its odd yet endearing boxy design, and it became known for being particularly spacious and easy to clean (a boon for dog owners).

The Element was discontinued in 2011 due to declining sales, but its legacy lives on. In recent years, there has been growing interest in bringing back the Element, with a petition to Honda garnering over 38,000 signatures. And it seems that Honda may be listening to rumors that have begun swirling that the company is planning to reintroduce the Element in 2020.

Whether or not the rumors are true remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the Honda Element left a lasting impression on both the automotive industry and pop culture, and its return would no doubt be welcomed by fanatics old and new.

The Honda Element’s Design

The size and shape of the Honda Element are somewhat unique. The vehicle is boxy, with a tall stance and flared wheel wells. This gives it a lot of interior space and makes it easy to load cargo. The rear doors open sideways, making it even easier to get things in and out of the back. All of these design features make the Element a very functional vehicle.

The Element’s Future

As Honda prepares to launch its all-new 2021 Odyssey, the automaker is also discontinuing one of its more unique and polarizing minivans from the past. The 2020 Honda Element will be the last model year for the boxy, utility-focused van that was discontinued once before, in 2011.


In conclusion, we think that Honda is most likely not going to bring back the Element. Even though there has been some talk about it, Honda has not made any moves to indicate that they are working on a new Element. Furthermore, the SUV market has changed a lot since the last time the Honda element was in production and it’s possible that Honda doesn’t think that there is a market for the Element anymore.



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