Key Stuck In Ignition Chevy Impala 2014 – A Quick 3 Steps Fix

Key Stuck In Ignition Chevy Impala 2014 – A Quick 3 Steps Fix

Are you struggling with a stuck key in the ignition of your Chevy Impala 2014? It can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience but don’t worry.

With a few simple steps, you can safely remove the key without causing any damage to your car.

In this article, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at what causes keys to get stuck in the ignition of a 2014 Chevy Impala and how you can go about getting that pesky key out safely.

So keep reading if you want some practical advice on dealing with this all-too-familiar problem!


Symptoms of Key Stuck In Ignition Chevy Impala 2014

A key stuck in the ignition of a Chevy Impala can be a frustrating problem, but it’s not uncommon.

There are several reasons why this can happen, ranging from a faulty ignition switch to a problem with the key itself.

Symptom Description
The key won’t turn in the ignition The key is stuck in the ignition and won’t turn at all, indicating a faulty ignition switch or damaged key.
The key turns, but the engine won’t start The key turns in the ignition, but the engine fails to start, indicating an issue with the ignition system or fuel delivery system.
The key turns, but won’t come out The key turns in the ignition, but won’t come out, indicating a problem with the locking mechanism or a stuck ignition switch.
The key is difficult to turn The key is hard to turn in the ignition, indicating a worn-out ignition switch or damaged key. Lubrication may help resolve the issue in some cases.

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3 Common Causes Of Key Sticking

Now that we’ve discussed the symptoms of a stuck key in an ignition switch, let’s move on to some common causes.

Cause Description
1. Worn pins due to frequent use Over time, keys can wear down the pins inside the lock cylinder, causing them to no longer align properly with their corresponding slots.
2. Dirty locks from the accumulation of dust and dirt Dirt and dust can accumulate inside the lock cylinder, making it difficult for the key to slide in and out smoothly.
3. Broken teeth inside the ignition switch If the teeth on your car’s key blade become damaged or worn down, they may no longer be able to engage properly with the grooves inside the ignition switch. This can cause the key to become stuck or difficult to turn.

So if you’re having trouble removing your Chevy Impala 2014’s key from its ignition, try taking a look at what might be going on inside – any one of these problems could be hindering your ability to get it out!

And while all of these can easily be fixed by cleaning or replacing specific components within the lock cylinder, sometimes more extensive damage has already been done which requires professional help.

So don’t hesitate to contact a certified mechanic right away if you need assistance!

How to Remove a Stuck Key

Let’s find out some tips for your key stuck in ignition Chevy Impala 2014!

Tips to Remove a Stuck Key in Ignition
1. Check the wiring before attempting to remove key
2. Use approved lubricant when lubricating key
3. Move the steering wheel back and forth to help dislodge the key

Troubleshooting Key Stuck In Ignition Chevy Impala 2014 Infographic

1. Check the Wiring

First and foremost, it’s important that you check the wiring.

Make sure all fuses are connected properly and examine any connectors for corrosion or other signs of damage.

If everything looks okay so far, try jiggling the wires around gently while wiggling the key back and forth, this can sometimes be enough to loosen things up.

2. Lubricate Key

If you’ve gone through the above step and still haven’t managed to remove your key, then it’s time for a little lubrication.

Using some graphite powder or silicone spray on the lock cylinder can sometimes do the trick when dealing with key insertion issues.

Just be sure not to overdo it – too much lube could actually make matters worse!

3. Move the Steering Wheel

Ok, now that you’ve lubricated the key and lock as much as possible it’s time to move on to another step.

That would be gently moving your steering wheel back and forth while trying to remove the key.

This can sometimes help break up any dirt or grime that may have built up over time in the ignition switch of your Chevy Impala 2014.

Just make sure not to yank too hard on the wheel – a gentle rocking motion should do the trick.

If this doesn’t work after several tries then I suggest using a pair of pliers or locking-type wrenches to carefully turn the steering column from side to side until you feel some movement.

Doing so will hopefully loosen whatever is blocking access to your keyhole and allow for the successful removal of your stuck key!

But if all else fails, you know who to call!

Of course, if none of this works then I would definitely recommend calling in an experienced locksmith who will have access to specialized tools that may be necessary to get things moving again in no time.

Take for example this real case study – A customer contacted me when their key got stuck in their 2014 Chevy Impala after trying to start it one morning.

After a few minutes of testing, I was able to identify the issue and successfully remove the key from the ignition.

No matter what route you decide to take, remember that patience is key here, so don’t force anything as this may damage the ignition further.

When To Seek Professional Help

With years of experience on my side, here’s what you need to consider before taking on the job:

Factors to Consider for Ignition Repairs
1. Tools: You may not have access to specialized tools or possess adequate knowledge about car parts or systems needed for the repair.
2. Time: Ignition repairs can take several hours depending on their complexity – something which most people do not have time for due to their busy schedules.
3. Cost: It could cost more money than expected as additional components may be required during the process

If any of these points apply to you, then it’s best to leave the job up to experienced professionals who can guarantee quality results at reasonable prices.

At the end of the day, safety should always come first!


If your key is stuck in the ignition of your Chevy Impala 2014, don’t panic.

This can be a common problem and there are easy steps you can take to resolve it yourself.

Remember, it is important to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage and inconvenience.

However, if the DIY troubleshooting tips do not work for you, then it’s important to seek professional help from a car ignition expert with years of experience.

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