Subaru Forester Key Stuck In Ignition Recall-See Advantages

Subaru Forester Key Stuck In Ignition Recall-See Advantages

It’s an issue I hear about all too often – a Subaru Forester key stuck in the ignition.

Unfortunately, this is something that many owners of the vehicle have had to deal with over time.

Fortunately, there has been a recall issued by Subaru recently that should help affected drivers get their keys out and be on their way again.

In this article, I’ll provide an overview of what caused this problem and how you can take advantage of the recall to fix it for good.

Subaru Forester Key Stuck In Ignition Recall-See Advantages


Overview Of Subaru Forester Key Stuck in Ignition Recall 

Having knowledge of car ignition systems is essential for any driver, especially when it comes to Subaru Forester and its key stuck in the ignition recall process.

Most drivers are unaware that there was a recall issued by Subaru due to certain models having issues with keys getting stuck in the ignition.

If your vehicle falls under this category, then fear not! A simple key replacement will solve the problem quickly and easily.

Subaru has made sure that all necessary steps are taken so as to make the process as smooth as possible for owners affected by this issue.

Step Description
1. Notification Subaru will notify affected customers by mail or email, indicating that there is a recall on their vehicles.
2. Inspection Customers will then be asked to bring their affected Subaru vehicles to the dealership for an inspection. During the inspection, the technician will inspect the ignition switch and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.
3. Repair or Replacement If the technician determines that the ignition switch needs to be repaired or replaced, they will perform the necessary work. If the ignition switch needs to be replaced, the technician will install a new one, which may take some time.
4. Verification Once the repair or replacement is complete, the technician will verify that the ignition switch is functioning properly.
5. Communication After the repair or replacement is verified, Subaru will communicate with the customer to inform them that their vehicle is now safe to operate.

All that needs to be done is contact their customer service department which can provide further information on how to take advantage of the recall procedure and ensure safe driving once again.

The Symptoms of Subaru Forester Key Stuck in Ignition

If you’re a Subaru Forester owner, you may have experienced the frustrating and potentially dangerous issue of having your key gets stuck in the ignition.

This can happen for a number of reasons, and it’s important to recognize the symptoms of this problem and take action to fix it.

  • The key Won’t Turn
  • Ignition Won’t Start
  • The key Won’t Release

we’ll explore each of these symptoms in more detail and provide insights into what may be causing the issue.

1. The key Won’t Turn

When you’re dealing with a stuck ignition key, it can be frustrating and confusing.

It’s important to determine what the specific problem is before attempting any kind of repair or replacement.

Symptoms of a Stuck Ignition Key Causes Solution
Difficulty turning the key in the cylinder. Worn or broken parts inside the ignition cylinder, such as an actuator pin or tumbler Replace the worn or broken part inside the ignition cylinder
No response from the engine when trying to start the car. Faulty wiring Check the wiring for any damage and replace it as necessary
Signs of wear on certain parts within the ignition system. Wear and tear on various parts in the ignition system Have a professional technician diagnose and repair the issue to prevent further damage

A professional technician should examine your vehicle to diagnose exactly what’s wrong before beginning repairs.

Don’t let an annoying locked-up Subaru Forester Ignition Key put a damper on your day – get help right away!

2. Ignition Won’t Start

If the ignition key doesn’t turn, you may be dealing with a more serious issue. In this case, it’s important to get an expert opinion from a professional technician as soon as possible.

They can help diagnose any underlying issues and determine if there is something wrong with the wiring or other parts of the system that need to be replaced.

Symptom Possible Causes Solutions
Key stuck in the ignition Worn out or damaged key Use a spare key if available. If the key is worn or damaged, have it replaced by a qualified Subaru dealer or locksmith? If the ignition cylinder is faulty, seek assistance from a certified automotive technician to diagnose and replace it.
No response from the engine Dead battery Check the battery to ensure it is properly charged, and try jump-starting the vehicle if needed. If the battery is in good condition, a mechanic should inspect the starter motor or alternator for faults, and replace them if necessary.
Dashboard warning lights A faulty ignition cylinder Identify the specific warning light in the owner’s manual, and then have a professional mechanic diagnose and fix the problem. If the issue is related to the ignition cylinder or key, it may need to be replaced.
Electrical issues, such as clicking sounds Faulty starter motor Confirm that the battery is charged, and try jump-starting the vehicle if necessary. If the battery is good, have a certified mechanic inspect the starter motor or alternator to identify and replace any defective parts that are causing the problem.

With their extensive knowledge and know-how, they’ll be able to quickly identify what needs fixing and get your vehicle back up and running again in no time at all.

3. The key Won’t Release

If your ignition key doesn’t release from the switch, it could be due to a whole range of issues that need further investigation.

It’s important to take care of this issue as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage or safety risks for you and other drivers on the road.

Symptom Possible Causes Solutions
Difficulty turning the key Worn out or damaged key Try using a spare key if you have one. If the key is worn out or damaged, get a replacement from a Subaru dealer. If the ignition cylinder is faulty, have it inspected by a professional mechanic and replaced if necessary.
Steering wheel locked Misalignment of the steering column, Try moving the steering wheel back and forth while turning the key. If this doesn’t work, try wiggling the key gently while turning it. If neither of these solutions works, seek professional assistance.
Warning lights A faulty ignition cylinder damaged key Check the owner’s manual to identify the specific warning light or message. If it’s related to the ignition or key, have it checked by a professional mechanic to identify and address the root cause of the problem.
Battery drain Electrical issues Remove the key from the ignition as soon as possible to prevent battery drain. If the battery has already been drained, jump-start the vehicle or replace the battery. If you suspect an electrical issue is causing the battery to drain, contact a professional mechanic.

.It’s always worth double-checking whether your car might qualify before jumping into any repairs yourself.

When facing trouble with a stuck key, don’t hesitate to call on professionals who know how to assess and resolve such problems quickly and effectively.

How To Take Advantage Of The Subaru Key Stuck In Ignition Recall

If you’re driving a Subaru and experiencing issues with your key getting stuck in the ignition, you may be eligible for a free replacement under the Subaru recall process.

Steps Description
1. Check Eligibility Visit your local dealership or go online to check if your specific model year and VIN are covered under the recall.
2. Contact Local Subaru Dealer Contact your local Subaru dealer to obtain more information about the recall process and the parts that need replacing.
3. Schedule Appointment Schedule an appointment with one of their service technicians to carry out repairs at no extra cost to you.
4. Car Service Bring your car to the scheduled appointment for service. The technician will inspect and replace the necessary parts.
5. Enjoy Benefits Enjoy the benefits of having your car serviced without any extra cost and with the assurance of increased safety, peace of mind, and improved resale value.

This recall ensures that affected vehicles are inspected and repaired by certified Subaru mechanics, providing owners with increased safety and peace of mind while driving.

Benefits of Subaru Forester Recall

The Subaru Forester is a popular and reliable SUV that has earned a reputation for its safety features and durability.

However, even the most well-designed vehicles can experience issues, which is why Subaru initiated a recall process for some Forester models.

This recall is designed to address a potential problem with the rear gate stay dampers, which could cause the rear gate to fall unexpectedly, posing a safety hazard to drivers and passengers.

Steps Benefits of Subaru Recall Process:
Increased Safety Prevent potential accidents or issues
Peace of Mind Certified mechanics inspect and repair the vehicle
Improved Resale Value Record of recall repair can increase the resale value
No Cost to Owners Repairs or replacements are free of charge
Easy Process Subaru makes the process easy by notifying owners, providing clear instructions, and scheduling appointments for inspections and repairs

This recall process also allows affected owners to have their vehicles repaired free of charge, providing peace of mind and reassurance that their Subaru Forester is safe to drive..

Preventative Measures To Avoid Future Issues

It’s like trying to start a car without the key – it’s not going to happen.

That’s what owners of certain Subaru Foresters are dealing with when their keys get stuck in the ignition, and there’s no good way out.

With an issue as frustrating as this one, it’s important for drivers to take some preventative action before they find themselves stranded on the side of the road.

  • One of the best ways to avoid being left in the lurch is by investing in an extended warranty from your dealership that covers any future issues related to your vehicle.
  • Not only will you be protected against costly repairs down the line, but you’ll also have access to experienced technicians who can troubleshoot any potential problems.
  • Another great tip is to pay attention during routine maintenance visits so that underlying issues don’t become bigger headaches than they need to be.
  • A quick check-in with your mechanic could potentially save you more time and money if they spot something that needs repair or replacing right away rather than waiting until after a problem arises.

Taking a proactive approach goes a long way toward keeping everything running smoothly without a key-sticking incident happening again!


To conclude, as a car ignition expert with years of experience dealing with Subaru Forester key stuck-in ignition recall issues, I can confidently say that the issue has been resolved.

By taking advantage of this generous recall and following preventative measures to avoid future problems such as regular maintenance checks, you can ensure that your vehicle is safe and properly functioning for many miles to come!

As long as you take care of your car and pay attention to any warning signs it may give off, there’s no reason why you won’t have an enjoyable driving experience from here on out.

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