Toyota Highlander Performance Modifications Guide 2022

Toyota Highlander Performance Modifications Guide 2022

If you’re looking to boost the performance of your Toyota Highlander, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we specialize in performance modifications that will make your SUV roar down the highway. Whether you’re looking for a power or suspension upgrade, we can help you get the most out of your vehicle. So come on and let us help you take your Highlander to the next level.


Toyota Highlander Performance Upgrades

Although the Toyota Highlander comes standard with a capable V6 engine, there are a few ways to release more power and improve performance. You can turn your Highlander into an off-road beast or a powerful daily driver with the proper modifications. Here are a few of our favorite performance upgrades for the Toyota Highlander.

  1. Cold Air Intake
  2. Exhaust System
  3. Suspension Kits
  4. Wheel and Tire Upgrades
  5. Engine Tuning

Toyota Highlander Aftermarket Parts

You can add several aftermarket parts to make your Toyota Highlander more performance-oriented. Start with a cold air intake to help your engine breathe better, then move on to a performance exhaust system. A set of performance shocks and struts will improve handling, and more extensive performance brakes will help you stop better. You can also add a body kit to give your Highlander a more aggressive look.

Toyota Highlander Tuning

The Toyota Highlander is a popular SUV, and many aftermarket parts and accessories are available to improve its performance. If you’re looking for ways to make your Highlander more powerful, handle better, or look great, here are some of the best mods you can do.


A new exhaust system is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your Toyota Highlander. A sound exhaust system will help your engine breathe better, producing more power and improving fuel economy. Many different types of exhaust systems are available, so be sure to research to find one that fits your needs and budget.


A cold air intake is another excellent way to improve the performance of your Highlander. A cold air intake will help your engine to suck in more air, which means more power and better fuel economy. Many types of cold air intakes are available, so research before buying one.


Upgrading your suspension is a great way to improve the handling of your Highlander. Many suspension upgrades are available, from simple coil overs to complete lift kits. Be sure to research the best suspension upgrades for your needs and budget.

Toyota Highlander Performance Modifications Guide 2022

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Toyota Highlander Suspension Upgrades

The Toyota Highlander is a versatile and reliable SUV, but it can constantly be improved with aftermarket suspension upgrades. These upgrades can improve the Highlander’s ride quality, handling, and off-road capability.

If you’re looking for suspension upgrades for your Toyota Highlander, here are a few things to consider:

Coilovers: Coilovers are a popular suspension upgrade for many SUVs, including the Highlander. They offer adjustable ride height, which can be useful for off-roading or achieving a lower center of gravity for improved handling. In addition, coil overs typically offer stiffer spring rates than stock suspensions, which can further improve handling.

Shocks and struts: Another popular suspension upgrade for the Highlander is shocks and struts. Aftermarket shocks and struts can offer improved damping performance over stock units, resulting in a smoother ride. In addition, they can also help improve the Highlander’s handling and braking performance.

Sway bars: Sway bars (also known as stabilizer bars) are essential to any SUV’s suspension system. They help reduce body roll during cornering, making the vehicle more stable and predictable. Aftermarket sway bars can be stiffer than stock units, further reducing body roll and improving handling performance.

Toyota Highlander Brake Upgrades

Better brakes are one of the most essential modifications any car can have. Most people overlook the brakes when they start modifying their cars. Still, it is one of the most critical systems on any vehicle. The Toyota Highlander is no different, and some brake upgrades are available for this SUV.

The first thing to consider when upgrading the brakes on your Highlander is the driving you will be doing. If you mostly drive on the street, you can get away with a less expensive brake upgrade. However, you will need a more substantial brake upgrade if you do any off-roading or heavy towing.

There are several different brake kits available for the Toyota Highlander. The kits have everything you need to upgrade your brakes, including new rotors, pads, and calipers. You can get new rotors or pads to upgrade your brakes without spending too much money.

If you do any off-roading in your Highlander, you should consider upgrading your brakes. Off-road driving puts a lot of stress on your braking system, and it is essential to have brakes that can handle the abuse. Several off-road brake kits for the Highlander will give you the stopping power you need when driving in harsh conditions.

No matter what type of driving you do in your Toyota Highlander, there is a brake upgrade that will suit your needs. Be sure to do some research to find the best kit for your SUV before making your purchase.

Toyota Highlander Drivetrain Upgrades

The Toyota Highlander is a mid-size SUV that seats up to eight people. It’s available with front- or all-wheel drive. All Highlanders have a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 295 horsepower.

Toyota Highlander Engine Upgrades

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Toyota Highlander Engine Upgrades

Whether you’re looking for more power, towing capacity, or better fuel economy, there are plenty of ways to modify your Toyota Highlander to fit your needs. Here are some of the most popular modifications that drivers make to their Highlanders:

Engine Upgrades: One of the most popular ways to modify your Highlander is to upgrade the engine. This can be done in several ways, including adding a turbocharger or supercharger, installing a cold air intake or headers, or upgrading the exhaust system.

Suspension Upgrades: Another popular modification is to upgrade the suspension. This can involve installing larger and/or wider wheels and tires, lowering the vehicle, and adding stiffer springs and shocks.

Braking Upgrades: If you do a lot of heavy-duty driving or towing, consider upgrading your brakes. This can involve installing larger brake rotors and/or calipers and upgrading the brake pads and fluid.

These are just a few ways you can modify your Toyota Highlander. Talk to a qualified mechanic or customization shop about the modifications best for your needs and driving habits.

Toyota Highlander Exhaust Upgrades

Exhaust upgrades are one of the most popular modifications for the Toyota Highlander. A new exhaust can improve your Highlander’s performance and give it a more aggressive sound. A few things to consider when choosing an exhaust for your Highlander include budget, sound, and performance gains.

A cat-back exhaust is a great option if you’re looking for a simple upgrade that won’t break the bank. A cat-back exhaust will replace the portion of your exhaust from the catalytic converter back. This is a popular option because it’s relatively simple to install and can be done without welding. If you’re looking for more performance gain, you can opt for an axle-back exhaust or a header upgrade. These mods will require some welding, so if you’re uncomfortable doing that yourself, you’ll need to take it to a shop.

When it comes to sound, there are a few things to consider. First, decide how loud you want your Highlander to be. If you want a subtle improvement, an axle-back exhaust will be plenty. If you want something that will turn heads, go with a header upgrade or complete a cat-back system. Remember that louder doesn’t always mean better; a thunderous exhaust can be incredibly annoying on long drives.

As far as performance gains go, you can expect to see an improvement in acceleration with any of these mods. In general, the bigger the mod, the bigger the performance gain. However, it’s essential to remember that these mods will not turn your Highlander into a race car; they’re just going to give it a little boost. If you’re looking for serious performance gains, engine mods will be necessary.

FAQ Toyota Highlander

Can You Chip a Toyota Highlander?

With a Performance Chip compatible with your Toyota Highlander, you may add up to 35 HP and 5 MPG! Our low-cost performance chips are a cutting-edge new technique to safely optimize your air/fuel ratio and timing curve for greater efficiency, unleashing up to +35 horsepower and +5 MPG in fuel mileage!

Are Highlanders Good Off-Road?

Can the Toyota Highlander be off-road? In 2022? Yes! Regarding off-roading, the 2022 Toyota Highlander could be better. Still, its available torque-control all-wheel-drive system makes it a serious contender in the all-terrain arena.

How Fast Can a Toyota Highlander Go?

However, in response to your query, the Toyota Highlander’s top speed is 118 mph. The Toyota Highlander is described in the following details: Engines: The 3.5 L V6 engine that powers the Highlander has 295 horsepower and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in a stunning 6.7 seconds.

What Is Climate Control on Highlander?

Both the driver and the front passenger can select their own heating and cooling settings thanks to the dual-zone climate control. The climate can also be easily changed. Simply turn the climate control knob on your side of the car to the desired setting.

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